Monday, 3 September 2007


Aren't holidays great for recharging the batteries, getting perspective and motivation.

I have just spent a week on the beautiful Northumbrian coast, a remote part of England (the only one!), where the shores are littered with the ruins of castles and the islands full of seals and puffins.

Inspiration has not come from wonderful restaurants and beautiful shops, my usual delight, but rather from nature - heather covered moors, long walks, and a pub without pretension! How refreshing...

Relaxation came through my crocheting too...haven't had a chance to be creative with my hands for so long...and I'm working on a shawl for the website, a beautiful mohair shawl, delicate in every way.

And now I'm home, Living Etc has fallen through the letterbox, and low and behold, Roost Living products are on page 61 and 64. How very exciting. I will upload for all to see!

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