Monday, 29 August 2011

Once Upon a Wartime: an educational exhibition for little ones

Whether it’s during the summer holidays or on a long weekend, we’re sure you (like us, too) are always on the look out for ways to entertain the kids.

Thankfully, London’s Imperial War Museum has just the answer. Since February, the museum has been running Once Upon A Wartime: Classic War Stories for Children. The exhibition focuses on five well-known books: Carrie’s War, No Man’s Land, Little Soldier, The Silver Sword and War Horse, which was written specifically to coincide with the exhibition.

Through special life-size sets, visitors both large and small can wander through the installations and discover each book's themes; from loyalty and separation to excitement, survival and identity. It's a truly interactive, experiential exhibit that we're sure all will thoroughly enjoy.

Once Upon A Wartime: Classic War Stories for Children runs from 11th February to 30th October, 2011.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Selina Rose: crazy about cut-outs

Award-winning textile designer Selina Rose has a thing for cutting out designs in felt; when she was studying at university, she was immediately drawn to the fabric and how it could be cut, punched or perforated and never fray.

Seven years down the line, Selina’s love affair with felt continues and has blossomed into a self-titled range of beautifully crafted soft furnishings. Each piece, in her searing colour palette of citruses and cerises, is crafted from 100% wool, dyed using natural pigments and features cut-out work inspired by nature; a detail that has become her signature.

We're thrilled to stock Selina's Bloom range at Roost. To find out a little more about Selina herself, read the chat we had with her last June.

Bloom Rug

Bloom Throw

Bloom Coaster, set of four

Tick-talk! Conversational clocks

A kitchen is not quite a kitchen without a beautiful clock bestowed upon its walls. From vintage-inspired finds to iconic pieces of design, here are a few of our favourite statement-making timepieces – each set to cause plenty of admiration in the abode.

Bamboo Doily clock from Uncommon, available on

A little background on the brand: Uncommon are a husband and wife design duo who describe themselves as “a new branch of home d├ęcor design based on simple old-fashioned sensibilities and the precision of modern computer-aided devices”. The result? Striking, wholly unique pieces.

Scallop clock from Uncommon, also available on

The Solari clock was originally designed by Gino Valle in the 60s. Available at good auctioneers and, if you’re extremely lucky, eBay.

Australian Doug Jackson crafts these beauties as a hobby. Available at his website

Retro-inspired ‘Milk’ clock. Available at

Not just for walls: from statement wall-pieces, to statement jewellery (we couldn’t help but add this to our list, it’s just so utterly charming).

Grandfather clock necklace, available at

Monday, 15 August 2011

BP’s Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery

One of the best things about London has to be that so many of the galleries are free for all to enjoy. It’s an opportunity for us culture vultures – veterans or novices – to get out there and experience some of the most wonderful pieces of art that are quite literally, on our doorstep.

Each year, the National Portrait Gallery brings us the wonderful BP Portrait Award too, which serves to recognise some of the most talent artists, both established and emerging. This year’s exhibition opened on 16th June (winners were picked on 14th) and runs at the gallery - just off Trafalgar Square - until 18th September.

With free admission and late nights until 9pm each Thursday and Friday, what more of a reason does one need to soak up a little culture in the heart of the city?

First prize: Distracted by Wlm Heldens

Second prize: Holly by Louis Smith with help from Carmel Said

Third prize: Just To Feel Normal by Ian Cumberland

Young Artist prize: Mrs Cerna by Sertan Saltan

BP Travel Award 2011: Flora MacGregor by Jo Fraser