Wednesday, 15 August 2007


There are a few magazines in this world that really inspire me - World of Interiors, Living Etc, Elle Decoration, Donna Hay (fantastic Australian cook) and Selvedge.

Selvedge is the most beautiful fabric magazine. Lace and crochet necklaces were the highlight for me in the last issue, just such delicate and beautiful stitches. And so unique. I would love to add them to my website.
Emma Cassi, a French jewellery lacemaker makes beautiful pieces, and reasonably priced. If only she was a British designer, then I would definitely invite her to supply to Roost Living...
I have so many great designers up my sleeve over the coming months, and great products, from ceramics to crochet....and a lot inbetween. And I already have wonderful designers...

Friday, 10 August 2007

And then...

An order comes through! Wooh Hoo!

The Senses

Our sensory experiences guide our choices and taste. What may be wonderful to one person may be unbearable to another.

Inspiration can be fed by our sensory experiences. I am a visual person and what surrounds me I either love or am offended by. But I look for inspiration in my surroundings, whether a beautiful autumn leaf, a bird in a tree, or a tea pot with cup and saucer...

The teapots in this photo (by brilliant photographer Beth Evans) were used as props for Ruth Cross' tea cosies on my website. The silver teapot is very dear to me as it belonged to my great grandmother. Originally English, it has spent the best part of a century in Australia, before returning to these shores.

I love the way it feels in my hand, the way the silver has tarnished in places, it reminds me of where I have come from, and where I am going to. More importantly, it inspires me. It is this link between old and new that I am trying to achieve, a rekindling of old crafts in a modern context. This is exactly what Ruth Cross' tea cosies do. The marriage between old and new.

Today is the most inspiring day in London. The sky is blue (for once), the birds are tweeting, a lawnmower is humming in the distance, the sound of planes (of which there is no escape)...and it is a Friday - the most skiving yet inspiring day of the week. The promise of a sleep in and a drink at the pub.

On the business front? I think I've had enough for this week. Time to crack open the wine and surf for the perfect dining chair to accompany my beautiful new dining table, made by Keith Skeel....any suggestions greatly appreciated

Thursday, 9 August 2007

The Down Day

I couldn't quite bring myself to writing my blog yesterday. It was a down orders.

It is days like this when I just hope all the hard work is worthwhile.

Motivation is something often forced, at least for me anyway, and even more so when working by myself at home. Distraction surrounds you - another load of washing, dishes from breakfast, clothes thrown on the bedroom floor and, heaven forbid, the telly. I find I have to sit down a couple of times a day, green tea in hand, and reassess, motivate, and get going again. It is at these moments that I feel truly isolated and long for company, or at least someone to bounce ideas off.

This is made worse when you feel the world is slightly against you, another journalist not returning your calls or responding to emails. A little voice pops into my head saying ‘you’re website just ain’t good enough’ depressing.

So I did the only sensible thing in such circumstances - a couple of very large glasses of red wine, and hoped for a better day...

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

The Deep End is Dark and Scary

Ever been thrown in the deep end and thought, shit how the hell am I going to swim if I don't know what stroke to use?

This feeling washes over me on a ridiculously regular basis. Like when I have to call my website software support and they ask me a question that, to me, sounds like different language...or when I try to understand my recently acquired Sage software, and realise I haven't the foggiest idea what a Nominal Ledger is.

It is all new to me. All of a sudden I find I am everything - the Accountant, The Photographer, The Marketing Manager, The PR Consultant, The Designer, The Managing Director, The Secretary and the Chairman....ah oh! What have I got myself into?

But then I have to take a step back, reassess and remind myself what I'm trying to do. And why...

For me there are 3 areas of importance, that I strive to achieve:


This is my mantra....

Monday, 6 August 2007

The Business Virgin

Ever wondered what starting a business from scratch is like? Well, my blog explores the trials and tribulations of setting up a business and all it entails.

It will be updated daily and will include my inspiration , passion, the emotional rollercoaster and the trouble of trying to understand a VAT return while being an accounting moron...

Please keep reading.