Thursday, 9 August 2007

The Down Day

I couldn't quite bring myself to writing my blog yesterday. It was a down orders.

It is days like this when I just hope all the hard work is worthwhile.

Motivation is something often forced, at least for me anyway, and even more so when working by myself at home. Distraction surrounds you - another load of washing, dishes from breakfast, clothes thrown on the bedroom floor and, heaven forbid, the telly. I find I have to sit down a couple of times a day, green tea in hand, and reassess, motivate, and get going again. It is at these moments that I feel truly isolated and long for company, or at least someone to bounce ideas off.

This is made worse when you feel the world is slightly against you, another journalist not returning your calls or responding to emails. A little voice pops into my head saying ‘you’re website just ain’t good enough’ depressing.

So I did the only sensible thing in such circumstances - a couple of very large glasses of red wine, and hoped for a better day...

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