Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I skipped work the other day...

Last Monday I skipped work (friends staying from Australia. That's my excuse) and did a spot of site seeing.

It is so easy to forget what London has to offer - the history, art and culture, so I always enjoy taking time out to enjoy it.

We started our journey at the British Museum with it's stunning atrium by Norman Foster, skipped straight up to my favourite room, the mummies, before heading to lunch.

Next stop was the National Portrait Gallery and the fantastic photographic exhibition of Camille Silvy, a pioneer of early photography. Silvy captured the society of the time, not only the celebrities and aristocrats of the day, but the uncelebrated people of the streets, with the eerie streets of London as a back drop for many. (Image of a Paris street above).

In stark contrast to the Camille Silvy exhibition, an unusual portrait caught my eye, the Isabella Blow portrait by Noble and Webster (pictured below)

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