Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Quilty Pleasures

Mughal Quilt, Toast Autumn/Winter 2010

I am so pleased that Quilts are now on trend. And although I am not the most accomplished of sewers, I have always wanted to make my own patchwork quilt. But I think I need a bit of help getting started so am hoping to do a course at The Make Lounge before the year is out.

The history of quilting has always excited me - sewing as a social tool, bringing women together while making something both beautiful and practical, and perhaps as a way of earning money for house wives.

Our modern lives, with lack of time, and the convenience of the high street, have meant the redundancy of these important skills. So resurgence in the handmade, returning to and reinventing the skills of our ancestors, but in a modern setting, excites me. It arouses something in my own creativity…if only I could find the time to devote to making!

In the meantime I'll have to make do with these lovely quilts from the High Street...

John Lewis

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Abigail Ryan said...

Ooh, these are lovely!

We are actually in the process of making heirloom quilts for our AW10 season and are really excited about them so far... can't wait to get back to the studio to shoot the three we have made and finish/design more! ;)