Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Tolarno Hotel

Whilst in Melboure we stayed at the fabulous Tolarno hotel in St Kilda - full of great character, fabulous food and wonderful art.

Playful murals by Melbourne artist Mirka Mora, an eccentric of the Australian arts scene, have adorned the walls since the 60s.

Since discovering her while at school, Mirka has always been a bit of a favourite of mine. Her mythical creatures, with their large soulful eyes, were so playful and inspiring against the rather monotonous backdrop painted canvas. Perhaps it was my discovery of art beyond the 2D form, which really excited me. We even created our own Mirka inspired creatures - mine was half woman, half mermaid. So to experience the originals, and to be able to stay surrounded by them at the Tolarno, and even steal a touch, was brilliant.

Guy Grossi's restaurant, aptly named Mirka, was refreshingly brilliant too. Simple flavours, made beautifully. Perfect.

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