Monday, 15 September 2008

Upmarket Weekend

Last week I was looking forward to a wonderful weekend in Paris, with lovely food, lovely things and lots of fun. But, as I arrived at St Pancras, suitcase in toe, my dreams were suddenly squashed...the Euro Tunnel fire had extinguished my chance of a Parisian getaway!

So, feeling a little disheartened, my friend Zoe and I (we were to go together) decided to make the most of our weekend in London.

Sunday, with the sun shining bright, we made our way to Spitalfields, to find the once vibrant market replaced by modern, soulless stalls selling tat...

Disappointed we made our way to Sunday Upmarket, the new market off Brick Lane - and realised Spitalfields hadn't died, just moved across the road. Wonderful local artists and craftspeople showing their lovely wares in what seemed a grotty old car park.

Braving crowded Brick Lane we made our way to Cheshire street, a treasure trove of lovely shops such as Labour and Wait and Mar Mar Co and the wonderful Luna and Curious just around the corner.

We completed our girly weekend with Sex and the City in Leicester Square - I must admit leaving the movie feeling, daggy, dowdy and rather ugly.
Mental note - must buy Jimmy Choos....

So, we may have missed the inspiration and delight of Paris, but we did find real inspiration and wonderful treasures right here in London....

Image above from Luna and Curious website.

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