Friday, 19 September 2008

Inspiration.. and a little perspiration.

A bit of a social week - charity events, exhibitions not to mention the various events on during London Design Week.

Inspiring Tuesday:
Popped into a neighbour and friend, Judy Goldhill's, exhibition opening on Portobello Road. Beautiful images exploring Neshamah, a Hewbrew term denoting divine breath and infinite capacity to bring with it transcendence. Whatever the philosophical meaning behind them may be, they are really lovely following images with vibrant colours.

Perspiring - Wednesday evening I was out of my territory, not to mention my depth - but hey what do I care about cricket.

A friend, Ed Williams (take note of his name, one day he will be known) set up charity Cricket without Boundaries a few years ago. Charity dinner was a bit of a stuffy affair in the Houses of Parliament, a strange venue choice, til you realise Ed is a raging labour supporter. Cricket without Boundaries Dinner. Comedian had us cringing in the corner with his completely unPC and bad taste humour.

Inspiring - Thursday marked the beginning of 100% Design and Earl's Court. I arrived, looking forward to inspiring new products, but found nothing with the wow factor.

Highlights for me:

Michael Angove Wallpaper
Charlene Mullen lovely embroidered cushions
Johanna Basford Wallpaper - particularly her clock wallpaper.

Joanna Basford wallpaper, image for Joanna Basford website.

Weekend promising to be truly creative - it's London Design Week and London Open House...

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