Saturday, 11 January 2014

Personal Pledges: our no-nonsense resolutions

Resolutions. They're not about making grand gestures you won't keep beyond a week, they're about making small changes you can realistically embrace into your every day. That’s our opinion when it comes to New Year resolutions - and we're re-branding ours as 'Personal Pledges'.
Instead of “must lose weight”, “must be more organised”, and many other promises that bring with them hurdle after hurdle, we've set ourselves the following easy-to-keep (we hope!) goals.
1. Put shoes and coats away as soon as we’re home.
2. Try new, healthy recipes (we've already made these tasty Indian veggie burgers and Yotam Ottolenghi's divine lentils with preserved lemon).

3. Walk more. We're swapping those occasional could-walk hops-on-the-bus for stretching our legs.

4. Connect with one another - without the internet! So no smart phones at supper or bed time. 

Small stuff, right? Yet so far, so good. What have you promised yourself this year? 

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