Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Festive painted pinecones

After a Sunday walk through the woods a few weeks ago, we returned home with bags full of pinecones wondering what to do with them. Before long, we decided to turn them into a festive garland and save any extras for tying onto presents. If you also have pinecones at home, or fancy collecting some, here’s what to do if you’d like to make a homemade decoration of your own.

Pop your collected pinecones into a basin of warm water with a cupful of vinegar and leave for half an hour. This cleans, removes sap and de-bugs the cones; let them dry naturally upon sheets of newspaper.

Mix 4 tablespoons of white emulsion with 500ml cold water. Once the cones are thoroughly dry, dip them into your diluted paint, then put them on greaseproof paper to dry naturally again.

Once dry, loop a small length of twine or string through the top of your pinecones and hang them upon a felt ball garland (you can buy them online or in homeware shops) or tie them onto your wrapped presents for the prettiest of presentation! 

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