Monday, 28 October 2013

Easy, fun Halloween décor

Here are Roost, we think you're never too old to indulge in the spooky celebrations of Halloween - and you'd be surprised what you can do with bits and pieces you might find at home or in the garden.

We plan on re-creating the D.I.Y idea we found at shelterness; a beautiful pumpkin window display that's super-simple to make. We'll also be adorning our outdoor nooks with elegant hand-written white pumpkins inspired by Lil' Luna's trick or treat one (no carving involved, hooray!). If you fancy trying out these super simple decorations, here's what you'll need: 

For Shelterness' pumpkin display:

1. Pumpkins and gourds of various sizes and colours. 
2. Dry fallen leaves (as many as you wish). 
3. Tea lights.
4. Hanging basket (if you want to incorporate it). 

Place the whole pumpkins on a ledge or windowsill and scatter them with leaves (you might want to use glue to fix them). Weave leaves into your hanging basket and top with tea light-filled mini pumpkins. 

For a Lil' Luna's pumpkin: 
1. Permanent marker.
2. Acrylic paint.
3. Paint brush.
4. A steady hand! 
All you need to do is use the marker to roughly write out your message, then go over it with acrylic paint. Let it dry, then pop your pumpkin wherever you like.

1. Mason jars (as many as you want). 
2. Googly eyes (from any good haberdashery).
3. Bandages (from your local pharmacy).
4. More tea lights. 
5. Glue.

For goody bags (designed by blogger Almost Make's Perfect):
1. Cellophane bags (available at good craft shops or eBay).
2. Stapler.
3. Printer.
4. Stiff card (print/colour of your choice).
5. Sweets!
Cut and fold the card to fit each cellophane bag, then fold over these downloadable 'trick or treat' headers and staple to secure. 

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