Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Desk-friendly plants

If you’re anything like us, African Violets, Orchids or Peace Lilies keel-over in your work space in no-time. We’re officially terrible at keeping plants.

Still, we love having a little bit of the outside, in, so we’re thrilled to have found three indoor beauties that thrive upon desks nearly almost all by themselves.

While we’re all pretty familiar with the ‘Vera’ species, there are many other varieties in this plant’s family. This one, the Aloe Polyphylla (or Spiral Aloe), is drought tolerant so no need to worry should you forget to give it a drink every now-and-then.

Snake Plant
Named after its vertical-shooting leaves, this yellow-edged shrub will continue to flourish again and again - no matter how often it's neglected.

Chinese Evergreen
Jewellery designer Winifred Gundeck, whose home is featured on the Design Sponge blog, shows a shining example of why we should opt for this perennial plant. Not only does it blossom year-round, it makes quite the focal point, too.


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