Monday, 25 March 2013

Simple (yet effective) stencilling

Stencilling. Just the word feels a tad outdated, and the 'doing' seems a little tricky - but we've stumbled upon some ultra-easy, yet totally modern ways to do it.

Use spraypaint and lace: You can buy nylon/polyester lace at any good fabric shop, but if you can bear to cover beautiful vintage lace with paint, this works like a dream.

Cheat with a print-out pattern: there's a whole host of pre-cut stencils on the internet so take your pick. Feel like creating your own? Pinterest has plenty of templates and ideas.

Opt for wall decals: just like stickers, these decorative adhesives update rooms in seconds and are often re-usable, too. We love Abode's windblown dandelion.

Short of time? Look out for soft furnishings with cut-out details such as our bloom throw - they add the stencilling effect without the work. 

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