Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Modern Pantry

Now as you know we are always looking for new and inspiring recipes and we do have a weakness for beautifully styled cookbooks.  And The Modern Pantry by Anna Hansen, certainly tickles our fancy. 

With humble, simple, yet elegant recipes (and of course gorgeous pictures) Anna's recipes are absolutely delightful.  Her antipodean routes shine through, with even a recipe for sausage rolls, albeit the most delicious sausage rolls I have ever seen.  But, as always, it is the sweet desserts that are truly tempting and with recipes such as Honey Roasted Pear, Chestnut and Oat Crumble, there are many recipes to be explored and enjoyed. 

And of course to accompany the book (or I suppose it is the other way around) is the restaurant itself, and it has now secured its place a culinary destination.

Available from Amazon
Or visit the restaurant in Clerkenwell, London

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