Monday, 3 September 2012

Seats for sun-seekers

Intermittent sunshine, sporadic rain showers - what's the British weather if not unpredictable? 

As we race towards the end of summer, many, if not all of us will be clutching onto the last bits of warmth with all our might. So when the sun does beam it's last few rays upon us, we're thinking about grabbing light, portable furniture and heading to the garden - move over shade! Here are our top five grab-and-go seats for sun-seekers.

1. The Deck chair - a hard to beat classic.

2. Habitat's adorable fold-down Rosso table (a snip with nearly 50% off in the sale). 

3. Quite the modern chairs to match - shhh, they're from Ikea!

4. French-inspired vintage love seat - arrives flat and can be easily flattened again to store.

5. Remember these? A kid's-classic and an utter steal at 99p from eBay, too.

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