Monday, 20 August 2012

Things to do with feathers

Look at the beautiful feather picture we found. Isn't it a delight? We spotted it here and it's spurred a few ideas of things to do with loose feathers - the first one taking its inspiration from this very image...

1. Pick a frame that complements your choice of plumes and room - (they can be found, or bought from your closest haberdashers, whichever you prefer). Trap a trio of plumes between a sheet of quality card that's cut to fit your frame. Place the card inside the frame and trap it between the glass.A tiny dot of glue behind each feather will ensure they stay in place. 

2. From a collection of feathers, or those you've bought, try making your own wall art by gently placing them onto a freshly painted piece of stretched canvas. Playing with scale gives the best results. Finish with a thin layer of spray mount to fix your newly created masterpiece.

3. Embrace your inner artist and try your hand at a watercolour feather portrait! Tiny paintbrushes, delicate strokes, and the way that the colours bleed into each other mean that this medium lends itself perfectly to its subject.

4. Make gift tags by cutting out feather silhouettes in card and attaching them to brown string. Simple, yet ever so effective. 

Do let us know how you get on if you try something!

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