Saturday, 7 July 2012

Make your own vintage bunting

With a summer of celebrations upon us (first The Queen’s Jubilee, and soon, the Olympics), now couldn’t be a better time to festoon your home with decorations – vintage, lace-laden ones of course!

All you need to make your own vintage bunting is a selection of old doilies (fabric ones, though paper ones would work too – just use glue instead of sewing them). You can often buy a bundle on eBay, or if you’re lucky, someone in your family may have an stash simply waiting for a use.

Once you’ve got your doilies – big or small, the more variety the better – all you need to do is cut each one in half.  Find, or buy, a length of cream-hued bias binding that’s wide enough to slip cut doilies in-between the fold.

Arrange your cut doilies as you’d like them to sit on the finished bunting, slipping them into the bias binding and pinning them in place. Once ready, stitch the entire length of the binding down on a sewing machine and voila - your very own vintage bunting.

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Anonymous said...

That's gorgeous! There's a shop near my mums that sells doilies cheaply. Might give this a go.