Monday, 28 May 2012

Fond of font

It’s no secret that Comic Sans is much frowned upon - ask any graphic designer and watch as their face recoils at the utterance of such 'swear words'. So what's considered an artful choice when it comes to font? 

We’ve been having a little look around and have fallen head-over-heels with the following fine examples of typography. 

We're big fans of the artist Rory Dobner's work (take a peek here and you'll see). This logo design he crafted portrays just how beautiful type can be. 

Yes, classic typewriter-style font may have been done-to-death, but add realistic inky blotch marks (and a home-truth quote) and you'll have us swooning. 

Clean, sharp and impactful this font doesn't mess about - possibly the reason it's so often chosen for brand logos.

What fonts are you a fan of?

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