Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Wonder Walls

We recently stumbled upon design studio Custhom's incredible heat sensitive wallpaper, which got us thinking about how the 90's trend of whitewashing walls really has taken a back seat. Wallpaper is back in a big way, with the emphasis on statement-making designs and handcrafted details such as block printing and embroidery. It's time to give that feature wall a go.

Timmason Wallpaper by Lisa Bengtsson

Young Swedish pattern designer Lisa creates the most beautiful, unexpected wallpaper and prints.

Columbia Road Wallpaper (Mustard) by Custhom

Crafted in Custhom's Stoke Newington studio, this three-colour hand-screen print features resting lemon-hued butterflies.

Columbia Road Heat Sensitive Wallpaper by Custhom

Look closely, this print holds a secret - as the temperature rises in your abode, hidden images of butterflies and dandelions gradually appear.

Cottontail Wallpaper by Katie Deedy

Inspired by story telling and a love of pattern, illustrator and designer Katie creates her unique wallpaper under the alias Grow House Grow!

Ms Treat Wallpaper by Katie Deedy

A botanical beauty inspired by naturalists Charges Darwin and Mary Treat's work - a great way to bring the outdoors, in.

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