Wednesday, 14 April 2010

I skipped a few hours of work....

Yesterday, I skipped a few hours of work, left Milly at home, and indulged in the Quilt exhibition at the V&A.

I have always found quilting intriguing - the pattern and the intricacy of the craft. I've been meaning to start my own project for a while (I have delicious Liberty print jelly rolls waiting to be made) and needed inspiration....that's my excuse anyway.

The exhibition was busy, and one couldn't really enjoy it whilst being elbowed out of the way by women desperate for a peak at very small information cards by each quilt. The shop, however was a joy. A couple of purchases later and we were off to see the new ceramics wing. And, after my fourth book purchase on how to, it's time to get quilting.

Of all the wonderful quilts on display, my favourite was itself unfinished. A very detailed quilt, tacking still in place, this way you could really see, know and understand the very makeup up of the quilt and it's structure.

Or perhaps it simply reminded me of my own many unfinished projects...

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